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Helping Young People Facing Charges In Juvenile Court

A conviction for a juvenile offense can have lasting consequences. Your child’s future is worth fighting for, and you need the help of a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney with experience representing children charged with juvenile crimes. Many children in the Baton Rouge area attend private school. In today’s zero-tolerance atmosphere, even a classroom scuffle or fight at a football game can get your child kicked out of school and charged with a juvenile crime such as assault or battery.

If your child is facing juvenile criminal charges in Baton Rouge or any nearby Louisiana community, please contact our firm today to get the sound legal advice you need and the experienced representation your child deserves. At Steven J. Moore, LLC, our experienced criminal defense attorney represents clients charged with juvenile crimes in Louisiana. Call 225-767-7778 today for a free consultation.

The Types Of Juvenile Crimes We Defend

As a parent, it is understandable if you want your child to suffer consequences for his or her bad behavior. Our job is to work hard to ensure that the punishment is not completely out of proportion to the alleged juvenile crime. Let’s work together to make sure your kid has a chance to pull his or her life together and put his or her future back on track.

We represent minors charged with a full range of juvenile crimes, including:

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