Defending You Against Health Care Fraud Charges

Medical providers facing federal charges involving health care fraud, Medicare fraud or Medicaid fraud face much more than serious fines and imprisonment. In addition to criminal consequences, health care fraud charges could lead to the loss of a medical license and permanent reputation damage. Additionally, if your medical practice is under scrutiny, you could risk losing your business.

If you become the target of a health care fraud investigation, you need trusted help. The federal government is relentless in its investigation into the billing practices of medical providers in Louisiana and across the nation. Whether you are under investigation or have been charged, you need a health care fraud defense lawyer on your side now. Call 225-767-7778 for a free initial consultation with an attorney from Steven J. Moore, LLC, in Baton Rouge.

Knowledgeable Help For Medicare, Medicaid And Health Insurance Fraud

Accusations of health insurance fraud or health care fraud demand an experienced federal criminal defense attorney with sophisticated knowledge of health care law, investigation procedures and complex medical coding practices. With more than 25 years of legal experience, we defend doctors, clinics, hospitals, providers of durable medical equipment, medical billing and coding companies and other businesses facing federal investigations.

Our firm assists clients who are accused of:

  • Overbilling for services
  • Fraudulently billing for services not rendered
  • Prescribing unnecessary services in order to bill additional services
  • Unbundling services billed
  • Referral kickbacks or self-referrals

Many of our clients find themselves facing serious criminal charges after making decisions to avoid other financial crises. We don’t judge. We take action. Other clients face serious charges as a result of honest errors – either a mistake made in their billing procedures or mistakes made by overzealous investigators analyzing those procedures.

Putting Professional Representation On Your Side

We go to work immediately investigating your records and working with financial experts to defend your billing practices and other health care practices that have come under scrutiny. Contact our office to schedule a free confidential consultation about the health care fraud charges against you. You can also speak with an experienced attorney by calling 225-767-7778.