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A Lawyer Who Knows How To Fight Fraud Charges

There are many reasons why good people wind up charged with fraud or other serious white collar crimes. Honorable men and women in a financial bind may do something wrong so that they can keep their houses and take care of their kids. Others can find themselves accused of laundering money or embezzlement. Whatever the reason, our goal is to defend you, investigate your case thoroughly and present the strongest case possible to help you get your life back together.

Our experienced criminal defense attorney at Steven J. Moore, LLC, handles fraud, embezzlement, forgery and identity theft cases in Louisiana. If you or a family member has been charged with a nonviolent white collar crime in Louisiana, contact us online or call 225-767-7778 for a free consultation and experienced defense representation.

What We Do To Contest Fraud And Embezzlement Charges

We represent individuals and businesses in Louisiana that are under investigation or facing formal state or federal charges for a wide range of white collar crimes, including:

Embezzlement is one of the most common white collar crimes. It can affect lower-level employees up to high-ranking corporate officers. If charged with withholding money or assets that have been entrusted to you, get the help of a knowledgeable financial fraud defense lawyer as soon as possible – your professional future and reputation could be at risk.

Consulting an experienced defense lawyer as soon as possible can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. If restitution is warranted, it can be an extremely effective tool in forestalling a criminal prosecution. We can work with you to come up with a restitution plan that has a decent chance of keeping you out of jail or keeping your company in business.

Contact Our Experienced White Collar Crime Defense Lawyer

Let’s get the ball rolling today. Call our law office in Baton Rouge at 225-767-7778 or contact our firm online to schedule your free initial consultation. All consultations are completely confidential, and you will receive an honest, clear analysis of your situation.