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Extensive Understanding Of Federal Criminal Charges

When you are up against the federal government in a criminal case, fight back with equivalent force and experience. Contact Steven J. Moore, LLC, in Baton Rouge for an aggressive criminal defense attorney backed by more than two decades of experience. Call 225-767-7778 for your free initial consultation.

Federal criminal indictments rarely surface from a single incident. Various federal agencies – from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) or Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to the Department of Homeland Security – spend months or even years investigating the case, shadowing the suspect’s every move and collecting evidence. They wait until they have built a strong case before formally filing a grand jury indictment. In many cases, indictments file charges against numerous defendants with alleged involvement in the scheme.

Putting Experience On Your Side

When you are facing federal charges for drug trafficking, internet crimes or other federal crimes you need to have experience, resources and time on your side. We know what the stakes are and go to work immediately on your case. We work proactively in federal criminal defense cases. We work to get involved and mitigate damage before charges are formally filed. Therefore, even if you only suspect that you may be under investigation, it is important to contact an experienced federal criminal defense attorney.

We defend real people who have gotten in serious trouble with the law. We handle federal criminal defense cases involving:

Protect Your Future. Speak With A Knowledgeable Federal Crimes Lawyer.

Have federal investigators questioned you? Have you been served a grand jury subpoena? Contacting a lawyer now can make a difference in the outcome of any charges against you. Contact our office for experienced federal criminal defense representation in Baton Rouge. You can call us at 225-767-7778 to schedule your free consultation.