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Providing An Aggressive DWI Defense

At Steven J. Moore, LLC, we represent clients charged with drunk driving and related offenses such as vehicular negligent homicide in Louisiana. Whether it is the first time or the fourth, a drunk driving arrest (DWI or DUI in some other states) can seem like the end of the world. You know that you may lose your driver’s license, your insurance rates may go up (or your policy may be canceled altogether) and you may even go to jail.

You need the immediate assistance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer who has been successfully fighting cases like yours since 1991.Call 225-767-7778 today to schedule your free consultation.

Fighting DWI Charges And Protecting Your Rights

It is important that you get experienced legal help as soon as possible after your DWI arrest. There are serious consequences for DWIs and you have 15 days to file certain pleadings for the administrative hearing that determines whether or not you get to keep your driver’s license.

At that hearing, a criminal defense attorney from our firm will fight hard to ensure that you get to keep your driving privileges. We will also take the opportunity to subpoena all the records, question the arresting officer under oath, and do whatever possible to find holes in the prosecution’s case by asking the important questions, such as:

  • Was there probable cause for the stop that led to your arrest?
  • Was the breath test administered correctly?
  • Does it seem like you were intoxicated on the arrest or booking video?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, we may have an excellent defense against your DWI charges.

Defending Against Vehicular Negligent Homicide Charges

These cases are extremely serious, but there is hope. The prosecution must prove not only that you were legally intoxicated at the time of the accident, but also that your alleged intoxication was the proximate cause of the death of another person.

We take a straightforward and aggressive approach to challenging each aspect of the state’s case against you. We work hard to give you the best chance we can of avoiding the lengthy sentence and other serious consequences that come with a conviction on a vehicular negligent homicide or vehicular manslaughter charge.

Get The Help Your Case Deserves

You can email us today to discuss your DWI or vehicular homicide case, and to learn more about your rights and legal options. Schedule your free consultation now by calling 225-767-7778.