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White Collar Crimes Archives

Is multi-level marketing a pyramid scheme?

A multi-level marketing strategy (MLM) is often misidentified as a pyramid scheme. The two terms are significantly different, though. With an MLM strategy, the goal is to maximize distribution by increasing the sales force. There are real products that are created for the program, like makeup, tools or other items.

Corporate fraud: A variety of criminal acts

There are a number of different white-collar crimes that can get you into trouble with the law. One of the crimes you could be accused of is corporate fraud. Corporate fraud is of the utmost concern to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, so it focuses many of its efforts on tackling these schemes.

Don't get caught on the bad side of the IRS

It's that time of year again; time to start gathering W2s, collecting documents and putting together your taxes. It's a long and complicated process but, like death, it's one of life's guarantees. Unfortunately, the dizzying array of forms, deductions and credits can make it difficult to do properly. That can lead to an honest mistake that sees you sending Uncle Sam less than he believes you should.

An overview of common white collar crimes, Part 1

White collar crime is a popular term that is thrown around in movies and television shows, but it is not clearly understood by many people. White collar crime denotes a variety of offenses that are primarily financial in nature. It is called “white collar” because it is understood to be committed by white collar workers, such as accountants and lawyers. But anyone can carry out a white collar crime and, in fact, many people of various socioeconomic backgrounds commit these crimes.

Actions people take when committing tax evasion

When someone commits a nonviolent crime, like tax evasion, they often believe they will get away with it. As with any crime, if you are accused of a white collar crime, there will be consequences for your actions. Before you are convicted, and a sentence can be handed down, an investigation will be done. At this point, to prove your guilt, authorities will look at a number of things, including what actions you took to avoid paying taxes.

Paying restitution

Having to pay financially for the crime that you commit is called restitution. Each crime has a certain restitution amount that can be paid by the defendant. The judge has the right to ask the defendant to pay restitution for the crime. In some cases, restitution does cover medical expenses of the victim. Sometimes compensation is also part of the restitution paid by the defendant.

Understanding embezzlement and its warning signs

Anyone involved in the conversion of organizational assets into personal assets can be charged with embezzlement. In most cases, the person involved in embezzlement has control of the finances of the organization. It is a type of theft, but several laws have been made to deal with it separately. Defendants may face severe consequences if found guilty of embezzlement.

Preventing and preparing yourself for IRS audits

There are many beliefs to what the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does and doesn't do. However, one fact about the IRS is that they have the right to send you a legal audit notice if they feel you have committed tax fraud. If case the information provided in your tax returns is not acceptable, they may choose to take a closer look and inspect your financial records. An IRS audit is usually conducted if there is a suspicion of fraud, but there could be errors in paperwork as well. Sometimes tax audits are conducted randomly, and it is important to be prepared in case you do receive an audit notice.

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