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Drug Charges Archives

Drug penalties for cocaine are harsh in Louisiana

It's clear that being in possession of an illegal substance, selling an illegal substance, transporting or manufacturing an illegal substance will result in fines, penalties and punishments by law. However, just because something can result in prison time or heavy fines doesn't mean the charge will result in a conviction. If you avoid a conviction, you avoid the penalties.

Louisiana man facing drug charges after boating check

As we've talked about on this blog before, drug possession charges often stem from stops that have nothing to do with drugs. Authorities might see a vehicle with a busted rear brake light or a car not making a proper turn signal and pull them over. That's when a simple stop can turn into much more. Even if the drugs aren't yours, if you're driving a vehicle with drugs in them, you could still be charged.

Consider all defenses for drug possession charges

Many crimes have consequences. When you are caught, charged and convicted of a crime, the consequences will vary, but before you pay a fine, go to jail or anything else, you will have to be proven guilty. Should you play your cards right, you actually may be able to get the charges dropped or reduced and not be punished at all.

Minors charged with possession

A minor found in possession of alcohol or drugs, regardless of whether they had consumed the substance or not, can be charged with violation of MIP laws. Minor in Possession laws were created by state governments to educate minors of the dangers of drinking and driving, involve minors in community service and help them get medical help or therapy for a dependency problem.

Search warrant requirements under the Fourth Amendment

The Fourth Amendment of the United States grants people the right to feel secure and protects them from any unlawful searches or seizures. This means that government agents and law enforcing authorities need search warrants to conduct any operation that violates someone's privacy.

Learn Louisiana's strict laws regarding marijuana

You may think you are safe on the road if you smoked marijuana a few days earlier and are driving your vehicle. You may be surprised to learn that you are still under the influence of marijuana, and if stopped by police, they can charge you with Driving Under the Influence (DUI). A blood alcohol concentration level below .08, which is the legal limit, may result in a DUI charge.

Don't let a drug possession charge ruin your future

Drug charges, even minor ones, can potentially ruin your future and the future of your loved ones. With you behind bars, who will watch out for those you care for most? Whether you are dealing with misdemeanor charges or something more serious, you can rely on the aggressive and dedicated help of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Drug paraphernalia charges based on context of use

Criminal charges related to drugs are not always brought about by possession of the drugs themselves. Occasionally, individuals can be facing drug charges for possession of what federal law constitute as paraphernalia. State laws provide a list of certain items that are unquestionably considered drug paraphernalia. Being found with these items, regardless of context is enough to be charged with a crime. However, depending on the context in which other objects are assumed or found, simple household items may be enough to warrant drug charges as well.

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