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Who pays after a crash caused by someone without insurance?

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Owning and driving a motor vehicle seem like necessities for many professionals and family members in Louisiana. Those with children and careers often need to have a vehicle they can rely on to get to doctor’s appointments or their shift at work every day. Having personal transportation can be cost-effective and can keep people in control of their own schedules instead of remaining dependent on the restrictive schedules of public transit.

Despite being convenient and borderline necessary, travel in personal motor vehicles is also incredibly risky. Every day, many people in Louisiana end up delayed at the side of the road because of a crash. Many of these drivers end up filing an insurance claim for vehicle damages or injuries suffered. Unfortunately, sometimes, the party at fault for the crash doesn’t have insurance.

Uninsured motorists are a serious safety concern

Even though the law requires insurance coverage, the law also requires that people follow the speed limit and use turn signals every time they merge or go around a corner. People simply don’t follow the law, and their actions may endanger others.

Louisiana has a relativity average rate of uninsured motorists when compared with the rest of the country. As of 2019, Louisiana held 26th place on the ranking of states with the most uninsured drivers. There were an estimated 11.7% of motorists without insurance at that time. If one of those drivers causes a crash, the people affected by that wreck won’t be able to make a claim against the at-fault driver’s liability coverage. They will either use their own uninsured motorist protection if they added such coverage to their policy or take the driver at fault for the wreck to court.

A lawsuit can lead to compensation for the same expenses that insurance would have covered. Occasionally, those involved in a crash caused by an uninsured motorist may even be able to file a claim against a third party, like a business, that may be partially to blame for the crash. Knowing who has financial responsibility after a Louisiana car wreck may help the people involved cover the losses they’re facing. Seeking legal guidance is usually a good place to start.