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How important are witnesses after a car crash?

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Sometimes, the reason that two vehicles get into a crash isn’t clear. One driver might argue that a light was yellow and not red, or the other driver might claim that they had the right of way.

It’s in cases like this that having witness testimonies can help. Witnesses who give their opinion on what happened may be able to clear up any misconceptions about the crash and help you get the support you need as a victim of another driver’s errors.

Witness statements play an important role in your case

Without crash witnesses, it’s possible for your case to be nothing more than one where you say one thing and the other driver says another. Witnesses make it more likely that you can avoid trouble, because they can support your claims.

Maybe you want to state that you saw the other driver looking down before the crash. If a witness can corroborate that claim and say they also saw the driver looking away from the road, then you both may be able to show that the other driver was distracted, sleeping or doing something else prior to causing the crash.

Perhaps you’re pointing out that you had a green light and the other driver says the same thing. Maybe both witnesses there can attest to the fact that neither of you are lying. In that case, you may even be able to hold the city accountable for lights that weren’t working correctly at the time of the crash.

Witnesses help you build your case

When you have good witnesses on your side, you’re better able to build your case. Knowing that someone else is prepared to speak on your behalf and explain that the statements you’re making seem true to them can be a huge support for your case and personal injury claim.

No witnesses? You can still make a claim

If there are no witnesses, it may be more difficult to make your claim, but there are other options, too. Using videos of the crash or comparing statements from each driver can also help determine the cause of a car crash.