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Representative wants to ban school-branded alcohol sales

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2017 | Criminal Defense, DWI/DUI |

Colleges have many people ranging in age from those straight out of high school to adults who have returned to further their educations. One thing that plagues some campuses is a large amount of drinking. While drinking itself is legal for many students, getting behind the wheel after drinking is not.

With the peer pressure a college scene creates, college and alcohol truly are not a good mix. That may be why one representative from Louisiana aims to prohibit the licensing of school names in association with alcohol. The proposal would make it illegal to make any alcohol the official brand of a state college or university, something he believes could help slow down drinking.

The problem with this is that the University of Louisiana Layfayette and Louisiana State University already have deals with breweries. If the proposal passes, then the schools will be unable to renew those deals and cut the schools’ revenue.

College drinking is a serious problem, but there is no particular reason to link official drinks of colleges or universities to an increase in student drinking. The drinks themselves are not marketed to the students. That doesn’t stop them from partaking in the drinks, and some believe the use of the schools’ mascots and branding could influence students to drink more.

If a student does drink and get behind the wheel, it’s possible that the student could be expelled and face criminal charges. For those in that situation, legal representation helps prevent damage to their reputations and can help prevent unfair biases or penalties during a trial or sentencing.

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