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Handling your DWI defense

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2017 | Criminal Defense, DWI/DUI |

Almost all of us have been there at one time or another. You have a couple wines at dinner or a couple beers at the sports bar and feel that you’re okay to drive. Then you see those blue and red light behind you. The officer gives you a sobriety test and you fail it. Now you’re facing DWI charges and you feel like it could be the end of your world as you know it.

You could lose your license, your insurance rates could skyrocket, your reputation might be shot and you could end up in jail. That’s on top of any fines and mandatory schools you may be asked to handle.

It’s important to not let the stress get to you. In fact, you will need to take action quickly. You may have just 15 days from the date of the arrest to plead a case for keeping your driver’s license. The sooner you move, the better.

Here at the law office of Steven J. Moore, LLC, we can help you start building a defense as soon as possible. Right from the start, we can subpoena records, interview the arresting officer and start asking all the right questions. For example, did the officer have a right to pull you over? Was the sobriety test administered according to the strict regulations? Was the video of the incident that provides proof that you weren’t intoxicated?

The answers to all these questions could be the answer to restoring your reputation in the community, keeping you out of jail and retaining your license.