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March 2017 Archives

Why is drunk driving such a big deal?

Drunk driving is nothing to take lightly. You know that it's not safe to get behind the wheel while intoxicated, but you did so anyway. Maybe you didn't think you'd had as much to drink as you did, or maybe your drink mixed with medications you took and caused unexpected side effects. Whatever the reason, you now face a charge for drinking and driving.

Drug penalties for cocaine are harsh in Louisiana

It's clear that being in possession of an illegal substance, selling an illegal substance, transporting or manufacturing an illegal substance will result in fines, penalties and punishments by law. However, just because something can result in prison time or heavy fines doesn't mean the charge will result in a conviction. If you avoid a conviction, you avoid the penalties.

To plea bargain or not to plea bargain

If you're facing criminal charges, you have a few options available to you. You and your attorney can fight the charges, you can throw yourself at the mercy of the court or, if you're offered a plea bargain, you can accept it. A plea bargain is an agreement between you and the prosecutor; you agree to plead guilty in exchange for a lesser charge or a more lenient sentence.

Corporate fraud: A variety of criminal acts

There are a number of different white-collar crimes that can get you into trouble with the law. One of the crimes you could be accused of is corporate fraud. Corporate fraud is of the utmost concern to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, so it focuses many of its efforts on tackling these schemes.

Defending you against domestic violence accusations

There's no denying it: domestic violence is a real problem in the country and, indeed, the world. Many women and children (as well as men) are the victims of abuse every day and they deserve to be advocated for and helped in every way possible. In this state, domestic violence charges are often pursued to the full extent of the law. This is because of the nature of the crime but also the fact that prosecutors don't want to seem weak on matters like domestic abuse.

Don't get caught on the bad side of the IRS

It's that time of year again; time to start gathering W2s, collecting documents and putting together your taxes. It's a long and complicated process but, like death, it's one of life's guarantees. Unfortunately, the dizzying array of forms, deductions and credits can make it difficult to do properly. That can lead to an honest mistake that sees you sending Uncle Sam less than he believes you should.

Handling your DWI defense

Almost all of us have been there at one time or another. You have a couple wines at dinner or a couple beers at the sports bar and feel that you're okay to drive. Then you see those blue and red light behind you. The officer gives you a sobriety test and you fail it. Now you're facing DWI charges and you feel like it could be the end of your world as you know it.

What turns assault into aggravated assault?

Everyone has seen perps arrested for aggravated assault on TV cop shows or read headlines about so-and-so being charged with assault. Most of us have a general understanding of these terms but there's still confusion about the difference between them in legal terms. This is important information to understand as it can mean the difference between simple fines or time in jail.

Can Breathalyzers be inaccurate?

When you're stopped for reckless driving and asked to take a Breathalyzer test, you likely already know that the officer believes you're driving drunk. A Breathalyzer has the potential to show if you're intoxicated and the level of intoxication you've reached.

An overview of common white collar crimes, Part 1

White collar crime is a popular term that is thrown around in movies and television shows, but it is not clearly understood by many people. White collar crime denotes a variety of offenses that are primarily financial in nature. It is called “white collar” because it is understood to be committed by white collar workers, such as accountants and lawyers. But anyone can carry out a white collar crime and, in fact, many people of various socioeconomic backgrounds commit these crimes.

Louisiana man facing drug charges after boating check

As we've talked about on this blog before, drug possession charges often stem from stops that have nothing to do with drugs. Authorities might see a vehicle with a busted rear brake light or a car not making a proper turn signal and pull them over. That's when a simple stop can turn into much more. Even if the drugs aren't yours, if you're driving a vehicle with drugs in them, you could still be charged.

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