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Understanding embezzlement and its warning signs

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2016 | White Collar Crimes |

Anyone involved in the conversion of organizational assets into personal assets can be charged with embezzlement. In most cases, the person involved in embezzlement has control of the finances of the organization. It is a type of theft, but several laws have been made to deal with it separately. Defendants may face severe consequences if found guilty of embezzlement.


Claiming money for overtime work that you never did is also a form of embezzlement. It is considered as theft, and you may face embezzlement charges in extreme cases. It is the mishandling of organizational funds and is taken very seriously. Those who have direct access to finances can easily move money around for their personal gains; they might also face embezzlement charges.

There are several defense strategies used by attorneys to deal with embezzlement cases. There are some cases in which the defendant returns the embezzled amount in return for a less severe punishment. However, returning the embezzled amount is not enough. Some attorneys use entrapment as a defense strategy. Entrapment is a scenario in which the defendant is forced to embezzle money by a superior. The defense attorney tries to establish that the defendant embezzled money out of fear for their job or life.

If you have been charged with embezzlement, it could lead to serious problems for you in the future. It is advisable to hire an experienced defense attorney who has prior experience of handling white collar crime cases. The attorney will advise you on your rights and devise a strong defense strategy for you.