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October 2016 Archives

Preventing and preparing yourself for IRS audits

There are many beliefs to what the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does and doesn't do. However, one fact about the IRS is that they have the right to send you a legal audit notice if they feel you have committed tax fraud. If case the information provided in your tax returns is not acceptable, they may choose to take a closer look and inspect your financial records. An IRS audit is usually conducted if there is a suspicion of fraud, but there could be errors in paperwork as well. Sometimes tax audits are conducted randomly, and it is important to be prepared in case you do receive an audit notice.

Understanding the severity of a felony charge

Criminal activity can be divided into different classes depending upon the severity of the act. Felonies are the most serious class of criminal offense in the United States. Although some states have further classified felonies into different groups, it is widely acceptable that a felony charge is the most heinous. The punishment for a felony depends on the crime committed, but could range from hefty fines to life imprisonment and even a death sentence.

Search warrant requirements under the Fourth Amendment

The Fourth Amendment of the United States grants people the right to feel secure and protects them from any unlawful searches or seizures. This means that government agents and law enforcing authorities need search warrants to conduct any operation that violates someone's privacy.

Dealing with money laundering allegations

Money laundering is often used to hide the actual source of money. In most cases, it is done when the money is being made through illegal means. Laundering money is a way to show the government that the money is being made legally. It allows you to use the money that you are making without the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) getting suspicious. The government takes money laundering very seriously and tries to deal with it as strictly as possible. Being charged with money laundering could result in severe punishment for the perpetrator.

Accepting a plea bargain

Some criminal cases are resolved way before proceedings even begin. You might be asked to plead guilty in exchange for a good deal and a lenient sentence; this is called a plea bargain. The defendant has the right to refuse the plea agreement and go to trial. Plea agreements allow cases to be resolved sooner and with ease. Prosecutors often prefer to resolve cases in this way, asking you to plead guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for a more lenient sentence.

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