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May 2016 Archives

Can the truth be a defense for white-collar crimes?

Contrary to common belief, an effective defense against white-collar crime is not denial or lies. In fact, a good criminal defense lawyer can use the same factual foundation as prosecutors to work for their clients. In many ways, a criminal defense attorney is trained to work with the accused to depict the best version of factual events possible to tell a story that supports their client's innocence while still being based on the truth.

Sobering up may take more than a good night's sleep

Most of us have a pretty clear understanding of how alcohol affects us. We may do the right thing and call a cab after a night out with friends or arrange a designated driver before we even go out. But, come the next morning after a long night's sleep, some of us may be shocked to find out that, despite how we feel, we may not actually be sober.

What are the responsibilities of a district attorney?

Even if your familiarity with the legal system comes strictly from TV and movies, you have likely heard the term "district attorney." A district attorney (who is often referred to as a "DA") is a lawyer who is in the employ of the government. And if you should be charged with a crime, then it is quite possible that a district attorney will hold a great deal of sway regarding how your case will proceed.

What should I do if the authorities want access to my computer?

If you ever face criminal charges, you will have to deal with a variety of complications. Depending on the severity of the crime, you could be facing imprisonment or other serious forms of punishment. And one criminal charge that holds the potential of hefty prison time as well as other long-term penalties is possession of child pornography.

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