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April 2016 Archives

Drug laws stigmatize people rather than address problems

It is a popular belief that many crimes can be traced to the sale and consumption of illegal drugs. For instance, someone suffering from addiction may resort to stealing or robbing to get money to purchase narcotics. Likewise, drug dealers are often associated with carrying out violent acts. These acts often serve as a notice to others that the dealers are not to be challenged.

Will more alcohol cure a hangover?

Anyone who has experienced the symptoms of a hangover, such as headaches, dehydration, nausea and cottonmouth, will tell you that you just want to feel better as soon as possible. And to this end, there are many cures that will supposedly eradicate the effects of having overdone it the night before.

Long-term incarceration may cause unique emotional issues

If you have been arrested for a serious charge or multiple serious charges, you are likely aware that your life is in the balance. Convictions for certain crimes, such as drug trafficking, armed robbery and murder can carry prison terms lasting decades. While the prospect of losing that much of your life may be daunting, it is possible that long-term incarceration is more damaging than you suspect.

Identity theft can draw federal charges

In recent years, it has become increasingly easy to access the personal information of others online. And while there is nothing wrong with researching people to contact for business or other opportunities, it is quite another thing to use the personal data of others for fraudulent purposes, such as to assume someone else's identity.

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