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Circumstances can lead good people to run afoul of the law

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2016 | Criminal Defense |

In life, we all face many obstacles. Simply keeping up with our daily responsibilities can be a challenge. It seems that there are fewer and fewer opportunities to make a good living. As a result, it can be all too easy for people to find themselves struggling just to make ends meet. Given the circumstances, it is not unusual for good people to take risks in the hope the rewards will help solve their problems.

And if these risks make people run afoul of the law, then the consequences could make a difficult situation that much more daunting. For example, in an effort to pay the rent, a person may attempt to commit a robbery to get money. Likewise, someone who has a job that does not pay enough to cover expenses may resort to taking funds from work to make up for his or her financial shortfalls.

And while such actions may indicate a lapse in judgment, they should not define the entirety of a person’s life. Unfortunately, if you are arrested for committing a criminal act, the police will not likely care about your personal circumstances. In fact, they and the prosecutors will probably be looking for the strongest case possible for a conviction.

So, if you have been arrested, it is extremely important that you do what you can to act in your own defense. We at the law office of Steven J. Moore have experience handling cases in many areas of criminal law on both the federal and state levels. We understand what is at stake when someone is facing charges.

We place an emphasis on making sure that the rights of our clients are observed by law enforcement, and we work to enforce those rights. We offer well-founded legal advice and will act in a manner that we believe will get you your best possible outcome.