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An attorney may be able to help you explain missing a court date

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2016 | Criminal Defense |

There are any number of reasons you might miss a court appearance. Perhaps you had an emergency or misinterpreted the court’s instructions or simply forgot the scheduled date. You may have even decided to pass on the appearance because you feared that you would be handed an unfavorable verdict.

But regardless of the reason or motivation, missing a court date is typically considered a criminal offense and can result in charges and other consequences. As such, it is to your benefit to make it to court on time the day your appearance is scheduled.

Missing a court date, be it for traffic or criminal charges, can result in the judge issuing a warrant for your arrest. This means that you could be arrested after any interaction with the police, including a routine traffic stop. Moreover, the police may even come looking for you at your home or place of work to serve the warrant.

Clearly, skipping a court appearance could result in multiplying your legal woes. This is why if there is already a warrant for your arrest for failing to appear in court, you may be in need of an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help protect your rights and interests.

At the law office of Steven J. Moore, we have 25 years of experience helping clients who have run afoul of the legal system for having missed court dates. We understand that you may have had a valid reason for not being in court at the appointed time and we can help demonstrate that fact to the court. When we meet with you, we can assess your situation and develop a defense aimed at getting you your best possible outcome.