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LSU professor faces charges of fraud and forgery

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2016 | Criminal Defense, White Collar Crimes |

From the outside looking in, it may be hard for some people to understand why someone with a good career would put everything at risk by engaging in illicit activities in order to get some money. But in truth, there can be many motivating factors that could drive a person to commit fraudulent acts. But regardless of the reason, if you do commit acts of fraud to get money for personal use, you could face very serious charges.

Recently, an LSU professor was arrested and charged with 98 counts of fraud. The professor is accused of having committed a number of different offenses. These offenses include 36 counts of forgery. He allegedly forged the signatures of students on travel vouchers and then pocketed the money reimbursed by the university.

The professor is the director of the LSU Wood Durability Lab and teaches courses related to wood science and wood recycling. It is also alleged that he gifted a local church with $5,000 worth of wood that he claimed he ordered for research.

The professor also faces other charges, including those for payroll fraud, malfeasance in office and theft.

It may seem perplexing why a successful person might have put so much on the line just for some extra money. But in truth, there can be many reasons that could drive a person to commit fraudulent acts, including simply trying to keep up with living expenses.

If you have been arrested for alleged acts of fraud or other criminal activity, it is important that you begin to prepare a defense to answer the charges. A Louisiana attorney who has experience in dealing with the unique issues presented by fraud, embezzlement, and other white collar crimes may be able to help. By looking at your circumstances, the attorney could build a defense aimed at getting you your best possible outcome.

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