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LSU freshman charged with second degree battery

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2015 | Criminal Defense |

As many Louisiana parents can likely attest, sometimes children in their late teens can act in ways that are not advisable. Often questionable behavior is simply a lamentable part of growing up. Unfortunately, occasionally a child may push a boundary to the point of being accused of committing a criminal act.

Recently, an LSU freshman was arrested and issued battery charges after he allegedly had an altercation with a female student. The incident is said to have taken place after the 18-year-old freshman followed the female student from outside a classroom to her car. Upon reaching her car, the female student attempted to use her cellphone to contact her father to inform him the freshman was following her.

According to a police report, the female student told police that the suspect then grabbed the phone. The freshman then took off to his dorm room. Soon after the altercation, the female student was able to get her phone back. The freshmen later admitted to LSU police that the female student’s allegations were valid. The freshman was subsequently charged with false imprisonment, simple robbery, and second-degree robbery.

This was reportedly not the first incident between the two students. It is alleged that the freshmen had previously been arrested for stalking the female student. And there was one altercation in which the freshman is said to have caused the female student to fall and cut her head, leading to her needing staples to close.

Young people can make mistakes. And when their mistakes run afoul of the law, they are entitled to have legal representation to help protect their interests. If your son or daughter should ever be charged with a crime, his or her future could be in the balance. A Louisiana criminal defense attorney can act to see that the child’s rights are protected and also help the child have his or her best possible outcome.

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