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November 2015 Archives

Holiday stressors may lead some to drive while intoxicated

For some, the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. But for others, the days from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day can be extremely difficult to handle. The fact is, this can be a very stressful period. Some people have obligations to friends and family members that can be challenging to meet, while others may find themselves feeling very alone and isolated.

How does a Ponzi scheme work?

Sometimes, when entrepreneurs are looking to finance their business projects, they reach out to others for investment money. This is a common practice, and very few businesses would ever get off the ground without the help of investors. While investors should understand that putting money into a business venture can have risks, they also expect that they should have a fair and reasonable chance at recouping and profiting from their investments.

LSU freshman charged with second degree battery

As many Louisiana parents can likely attest, sometimes children in their late teens can act in ways that are not advisable. Often questionable behavior is simply a lamentable part of growing up. Unfortunately, occasionally a child may push a boundary to the point of being accused of committing a criminal act.

What tactics can police use to arrest suspects for DUI?

There are several sets of circumstances that could lead to a motorist being arrested for driving under the influence. One way an arrest may occur is if a police officer has what is called "probable cause." An officer may have probable cause based on the belief that a crime has been, or is about to be committed. In the case of DUI, probable cause may be applied as the basis of an arrest if a suspect either can't or won't submit to a chemical test.

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