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DWI charges can make alcohol addiction more difficult

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2015 | Criminal Defense, DWI/DUI |

It would not be difficult for people to reach the conclusion that Louisiana is the hardest partying state in the country. Of course, the yearly Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans does much to buttress the state’s good-time reputation. If that weren’t enough, that city’s most famous thoroughfare is called Bourbon Street.

But New Orleans is not the only city in the Bayou State that likes to let loose. Baton Rouge may be able to give the Big Easy a run for its money. Partaking in Louisiana’s special brand of merriment often includes having a few drinks.

For every upside, there can be a downside. A statewide study revealed that the percentage of adults that had consumed alcohol in the previous 30 days was notably below the national average. However, the average amount of alcohol Louisiana adults consumed was higher than the national average. The results of this study may indicate that some of the state’s citizens could have issues with alcohol addiction.

So with the party atmosphere masking this problem, those with drinking issues may appear like other revelers. But it is likely that their alcohol problem may lead to other problems. For instance, it can be very easy for someone wrestling with addiction to be pulled over by the police and issued DWI charges. If this happens, that person could be facing a license suspension, fines or jail time. This only serves to exacerbate an already difficult set of personal circumstances.

If you are ever arrested for drunk driving as a result of succumbing to the symptoms of an addiction to alcohol, you may wish to have an attorney help you prepare a defense to answer the charges. An experienced DWI attorney could present your case and may be able to get you the best outcome for your given situation.