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September 2015 Archives

DWI charges can make alcohol addiction more difficult

It would not be difficult for people to reach the conclusion that Louisiana is the hardest partying state in the country. Of course, the yearly Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans does much to buttress the state's good-time reputation. If that weren't enough, that city's most famous thoroughfare is called Bourbon Street.

Baton Rouge man arrested following motorcycle chase

Recently, a 20-year-old Baton Rouge man was arrested for allegedly attempting to take flight from police. Police documents state that the young man was riding his motorcycle at an excessive speed while being pursued by Norwood police. Zachary police officers also joined in the pursuit. After reportedly nearly causing several accidents, the young man attempted to jettison his motorcycle and head into a wooded area.

No one should be unfairly targeted for drug charges

Baton Rouge is an amazing city and like many American cities, it has a diverse population. The city also has its fair share of individuals who may dress or behave in ways that defy conventional norms. As such, social acceptance is extremely important and allows us to all live together.

What acts might be considered insurance fraud?

Insurance helps people hedge their bets against all kinds of misfortune. Of course, if you own a motor vehicle, you are aware of the requirements for purchasing auto insurance. We are all now required to have health insurance as well. Beyond that, it is possible to get property, valuables and even pets insured.

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