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A proactive defense can help fight environmental charges

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2015 | Criminal Defense, White Collar Crimes |

Most of us can likely agree that protecting the environment is very important. Many new regulations have been established in recent years designed to limit the impact of pollutants released into the air, water, and ground.

If your business depends on the use of machines that emit toxins, or if you have waste or byproducts that you must dispose of, you are likely well aware of the many environmental laws you must follow. But these laws can be complicated and difficult to interpret. Regulations are also subject to change, and keeping with the changes is certainly a challenge.

As such, you may be unaware when you run afoul of an environmental law. Should a transgression be cited by the authorities, your company could face an investigation for an environmental crime, which could result in hefty penalties.

Fortunately, even if the matter becomes a concern of the Environmental Protection Agency, you still may be able to avoid criminal charges. It is possible that such cases can be handled at an administrative level, rather than through criminal prosecution.

But if you are ever the subject of possible action, you may find that being proactive in forming a defense could help you receive your best possible outcome. And one very proactive maneuver you can make is contacting an experienced environmental crimes defense attorney.

It is extremely important to seriously address any warnings or notices of violations you may receive. You also should understand all of your rights and have those rights protected. Attorney Steven J. Moore is experienced in the area of environmental law. You can learn more about his services and how to contact him to discuss your case on this website.