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July 2015 Archives

Drinking carefully may help you avoid getting a DUI during summer

Summer is here and for many Louisianans this means more opportunities for cookouts, picnics and other forms of social fun. Getting together with friends is great and having a drink or two can make things that much better. But often, moderation is the key to keeping the good times going longer.

Louisiana woman charged with aggravated battery

Anyone can have a bad moment. Sometimes life's stresses, obstacles and disappointments can cause us to feel extremely frustrated. And if we are greeted with a setback at just the wrong moment, we may react in a manner that has negative consequences. If our actions are in violation of Louisiana's state laws, it is possible that criminal charges may follow.

Is there a defense for EPA violations caused by malfunctions?

The level of detail involved in running a business can be mind boggling. Employers have many regulations to follow involving such issues as employee rights and workplace safety. And even if a company does its level best to adhere to all relevant local, state and federal regulations, it could still find itself faced with allegations of wrongdoing.

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