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June 2015 Archives

A strong criminal defense may help protect your future prospects

One of the most well-known tales in Greek mythology is the story of Sisyphus. According to legend, Sisyphus was a king who was punished by the gods. He was sentenced for all eternity to roll a large rock up a hill, only to watch it roll back down again. His very existence became one of ceaseless futility.

Bill aims to decrease penalties for marijuana possession

Many Baton Rouge citizens are likely aware of the severe penalties handed down by the courts to those convicted of drug charges. It is all too common for individuals to have received long sentences for possession of marijuana or other illicit substances. In fact, it has been possible that an individual with repeated arrests for possession of small quantities of marijuana could be sentenced to spend as much as 20 years in jail.

How can I keep my BAC at a legal level while drinking socially?

One of the most pleasurable things in life can be sharing a few drinks with friends. But it is very easy to get so caught up in the good times that you may have one or two too many. If you drive after imbibing too much, you could find yourself facing drunk driving charges.

Be careful that using your hot tip is not insider trading

Those who make money trading securities are often on the lookout for a tip or some other indicator that investment could turn a tidy profit. And while doing research and looking for clues as to an investment's viability is fine, it is important to avoid engaging in a white-collar crimee known as "insider trading."

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