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May 2015 Archives

What documentation can help form a criminal defense?

If you are ever arrested for a crime in Louisiana, you may wish to have an attorney handle your case. But to best serve you, an attorney will need information about both you and the crime you allegedly committed. Much of this information is contained in documentation. You may possess some of these documents yourself and other documents may be in the possession of the government or other people.

School bus driver was allegedly over legal BAC level on duty

We all make errors in judgment and we may end up paying a very steep price for those errors. This is especially true if the mistakes we make occur at particularly inopportune moments. Take for example being charged with driving while intoxicated. There is no good time to receive such charges in Louisiana. A DUI conviction could cost you money in fines. You could have your driving privileges revoked. You may even have to spend time in jail. Moreover, if you are accused of driving while intoxicated when you are on the job, your career and future prospects could suddenly be in the balance. Recently in Lafayette, a 50-year-old former school bus driver was arrested and charged in connection to an incident that took place in March. According to the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's office, the bus driver had a 0.04 percent blood alcohol level when he drove a school bus into a ditch. At the time of the incident, he received a citation for careless operation of a vehicle.

A variety of acts could constitute tax fraud

The deadline for filing tax returns for income earned in 2014 recently passed. Hopefully, you were able to file on time and filled out all of the appropriate forms correctly. The Internal Revenue Service is aware of the fact that tax laws are sometimes very complicated and mistakes can occur.

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