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Police arrest 7 young people on drug charges

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2015 | Criminal Defense, Drug Charges |

Young people sometimes feel invincible and may not even believe that bad luck or bad decisions will ever seriously affect their lives. But this belief may lead a young person to take dangerous risks. If these risks include any sort of involvement with illegal drugs, then the consequences could have ramifications through the duration of a person’s life.

In Ascension Parish, seven people, all twenty years of age or younger, have been arrested on drug-related charges. According to deputies, the arrests followed an investigation. A drug bust uncovered a cache of drugs, guns and cash. Among the drugs seized were promethazine with codeine, xanax and marijuana. Additionally, detectives also say they found something called “butane hash oil wax” on the premises.

Of the seven arrested, three were issued charges of possession with intent to distribute marijuana. Intent to distribute charges are more serious than charges of simple possession and can carry much stiffer penalties.

Being charged with drug crimes in Louisiana can create all sorts of difficult issues. You may be subject to receiving a prison sentence as well as fines and the loss of certain privileges. All of these penalties could drastically alter the course of your life. A police record can severely hamper such things as employment opportunities.

If you or your child are ever arrested on possession or intent to distribute charges, it is very important to begin preparing a defense as soon as possible. The services of a Louisiana criminal defense attorney could prove of great value to your situation. It is critical that a young person receives the best possible outcome in a drug case in order to limit or eliminate any potential threats to his or her future prospects.

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