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Circumstances can lead to white collar crimes

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2015 | Criminal Defense, White Collar Crimes |

In spite of our best efforts, we can still find ourselves in financial distress. If we are unable to keep up with our obligations, we may start to consider ill-advised ways of acquiring money.

It is not unusual for people to look at their place of employment as a source for extra funds. This is especially true if they have access to bank accounts. It can be very easy to move money and hide transactions by falsifying records. People will do this while harboring intentions to pay the money back later.

But this is a very risky game to play. Eventually accounts must be reconciled and shortfalls will be noticed. If you are caught having taken company funds in an unauthorized manner, you may well be facing charges of embezzlement.

Embezzlement and other such white collar crimes are very serious. If you are ever accused of any form of financial fraud, having an attorney act as your legal representative could prove of great benefit.

An attorney can review the circumstances of your case and make recommendations regarding your best possible options for answering the charges. White collar criminal charges are not the end of the world and it is possible to rebuild your life. Getting in touch with a Louisiana white collar crimes attorney could be the first step in doing just that.

Attorney Steven J. Moore offers legal services for those accused of having committed white collar crimes. On this page, you can read more about his approach to serving his clients.