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Month: February 2015

More designer drugs being made illegal

While the debate regarding the legalization of marijuana continues, it is important for Louisiana residents and visitors to remember that the drug is currently illegal in the Bayou State. This means that you may face drug charges if you are caught carrying marijuana...

How can I avoid being charged with tax evasion?

We are a little more than a month into the new year. And while this may be a time of looking forward to what is to come, most of us must also look back over what transpired during the last year as we prepare our tax returns. Having to take out a pen and write a check...

Jury trials are a multi-step process

If you are ever charged with a crime, there are several different ways your case may go. Hopefully, the charges will be dropped before things get too complicated. If it looks like you are going to receive a conviction, you may wish to enter a plea and avoid a court...