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Plea bargaining can benefit defendants in criminal cases

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2015 | Criminal Defense |

Should you ever be arrested for a crime, it is imperative that you understand your options regarding your defense. Given the circumstances, you may be able to avoid punishment altogether. However, if the prosecution is holding evidence that is strong enough to secure your conviction, then opting for a plea bargain may be to your benefit.

Plea bargains are an extremely common way to settle criminal cases. For prosecutors, plea bargains can save time in seeking convictions. Attorneys can use plea bargains as a means of saving their clients from potentially longer sentences. Perhaps most importantly, the process can help defendants receive lighter sentences and have the matter resolved more quickly.

There are other possible benefits of pursuing a defense plea bargain:

  • The charges may be reduced. This is advantageous because having lesser charges on your permanent record may prove helpful in the future. Should you receive a conviction for more serious charges, you may be prohibited from engaging in certain activities.
  • You will know the outcome of your case in a timelier manner. Going to trial holds a great deal of uncertainty. You will have to endure the whole stressful process before finding out how you will be sentenced. Signing a plea bargain is a way to alleviate this anxiety.
  • You can avoid many problems. The process of a criminal trial is fraught with a variety of unpleasant consequences. Trials can be time consuming and expensive. You may also experience a damaging level of public exposure. These issues can be mitigated by accepting a plea bargain.

There are additional reasons for considering a plea bargain, which you can read about in this article. In general, all choices are best made when well-informed. It can be very helpful to understand the specific ramifications of any form of defense you wish to employ.

If you are facing criminal charges, a Louisiana defense attorney may be able to assess your circumstances and make recommendations to help you decide what is best for you. If needed, the lawyer may also be able to act as your legal representative.