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Cocaine-related drug charges are serious in Louisiana

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2014 | Criminal Defense, Drug Charges |

Baton Rouge is a town where good times can be easily found. But where there is fun, there can also be trouble. Having a drink or two while out and about will not likely cause any problems. However, if you should decide to take your partying to another level by indulging in the consumption of cocaine, you could ultimately find yourself in a very serious legal bind.

Due to the violence associated with the trafficking and the use of cocaine, authorities in the state of Louisiana have placed an emphasis on issuing serious charges for possessing and for selling the drug. Insofar as sentencing is concerned, Louisiana has a system in place which encompasses varying charges for possession, sales and trafficking of cocaine.

Regarding possession, sentencing is based upon the amount seized in the arrest. Terms of imprisonment can range from five to 60 years. All sentences for possession of 29 or more grams include a component of hard labor. Steep fines may also be included.

Depending on the circumstances, the sale of cocaine is punishable from five years to life, also with the possibility of fines and hard labor. Sales to minors can increase punishment dramatically.

Very hefty penalties are levied against those who are convicted of manufacturing or producing cocaine. Prison terms can run from 40 to 99 years. The term can include hard labor with no parole.

As you can see, Louisiana takes the sentencing of those who are involved with cocaine very seriously. An arrest for cocaine-related drug charges could motivate you to seek legal counsel.

If are ever charged for crimes related to cocaine possession, sales or production, a Baton Rouge drug crimes attorney could go over the particulars of your case. The attorney could possibly help you figure out which of your options may provide you with the most beneficial outcome.