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Incident with football player spotlights domestic violence

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2014 | Criminal Defense |

In recent weeks both the sports and news pages of websites and newspapers have been covering a story about an NFL football player named Ray Rice. A video surfaced depicting an act of violence on behalf of Mr. Rice, committed against his fiance in a hotel elevator. The aftermath of the this video’s exposure has raised the profile of domestic assault crimes.

Much commentary is being made in the media on the subject. As such, this newfound public concern, while merited, may mean that those who face criminal charges for domestic violence may face even harsher judgement than ever.

Public opinion can have an effect on how laws are written and how crimes are prosecuted. The current trend appears to be one of allowing little tolerance and leniency for those alleged to have physically harmed a spouse or significant other.

Domestic abuse allegations are extremely serious. Conviction of such crimes can lead to an array of unfortunate consequences. You may be issued a jail term. If you have children, your visitation could be limited to that which is supervised. You may even be prohibited from having contact with your children altogether.

Therefore, if you are looking at charges stemming from a violent domestic incident, it may be judicious to consult with a Louisiana domestic violence attorney. The attorney could help you mount a defense that will give you the best chance to preserve your freedom and other important personal privileges. To find out more about the approach our firm takes toward building a defense for domestic abuse crimes, you can visit our page.