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Environmental regulations causing problems for businesses

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2014 | Criminal Defense, White Collar Crimes |

Adherence to the regulations enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency is an important responsibility for all businesses. But as the number of regulations designed to promote the well-being of the environment has increased, so too have the penalties against those who are found to be in violation of those regulations. More than ever, businesses could find themselves the target of federal investigations conducted by the EPA.

The National Association of Manufacturers commissioned a report, the results of which demonstrate the economic stress these regulations are inflicting on businesses. More than 37,000 regulations have been given finalization by the federal government through the past decade. Particularly hard hit by these regulations are manufacturers.

The economists who analyzed the statistics contained in the NAM report point out that small manufacturers are bearing the heaviest brunt of the regulations. One of the economists also stresses that the report only covers data through 2012. Subsequent to that time, the EPA has created even more regulations.

The situation is such that running afoul of the EPA could happen quite easily. Rapid changes in regulations could leave a business in a precarious situation. Some regulations may require costly upgrades that may take time to implement. A business could be placed under great strain if it is forced to cease or curtail operations while making changes to satisfy new regulations. Further, fines levied against a company can add to this burden, and may even serve to sink the business completely.

If your business is the subject of a warning or you have been issued charges for environmental crimes, you might want to consider forming a legal response. A Louisiana attorney, who handles cases involving environmental crimes, may be able to act on your behalf to resolve your issues.

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