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September 2014 Archives

Are there extenuating circumstances that excuse drunk driving?

The state of Louisiana has the capacity to issue serious penalties for those who are charged with driving under the influence. Anyone who faces such charges must also make the decision of whether to contest the charges or simply accept punishment. 

Environmental regulations causing problems for businesses

Adherence to the regulations enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency is an important responsibility for all businesses. But as the number of regulations designed to promote the well-being of the environment has increased, so too have the penalties against those who are found to be in violation of those regulations. More than ever, businesses could find themselves the target of federal investigations conducted by the EPA.

Why federal investigations require a decisive response

Anyone who has seen the movie “The Untouchables” knows that out of all of the acts Al Capone was alleged to have committed, he was prosecuted for income tax evasion. This was after a long period of cat-and-mouse played out between Capone and U.S. Treasury Agent Eliot Ness.What we can learn from this film and the real-life case brought against Al Capone is that a federal investigation often focuses on multiple incidents of a person’s alleged criminal activity. The film also demonstrates how a federal agency will wait and carefully build its case against a suspect until it has the evidence it needs to prosecute.

What might cause domestic violence?

Relationships are sometimes difficult. When two people love one another, it is not at all uncommon for there to occasionally be moments of contention. Expressing frustration can be a healthy thing for couples to do, if done appropriately. Open lines of communication can be critical for sustaining and even strengthening bonds. But, if the expressions of dissatisfaction or anger escalate out of control into situations of domestic violence, then it is possible that law enforcement may get involved.

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