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Deferred judgment can help those facing drug charges

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2014 | Criminal Defense, Drug Charges |

Addictions are sometimes described as being cunning, baffling and clever. Those who suffer an addiction are battling a very formidable foe. When someone is in the throes of an addiction, their behavior can defy logical explanation.

Why would someone get involved in criminal activity simply for the few hours of escape that drugs provide? Why would anyone take the risks involved in walking around with drugs in their pocket? You may have asked these questions of yourself and found no good answer.

Sometimes an addiction can compel you to take one risk too many and you find yourself in the back of a squad car heading to jail. Now things have gotten very scary. Trying to straighten out your life is difficult enough when addicted, but having drug charges on your record will make the mountain you’re climbing twice as high.

So, if you are facing drug charges for the first time, you may wish to consider negotiating what is called “deferred judgment.” The deferred judgment option may allow you to have your case dismissed while getting the help you need through a drug treatment program. After meeting all the applicable criteria, it is possible to have the charges removed from your record.

Battling a drug dependency can be a difficult process. This process can be made that much more difficult with a criminal record. As such, it is of great importance that you protect your future interests. But, everyone needs someone in their corner. A Louisiana criminal defense attorney can look at your situation and may be able to help you find your best available options.

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