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July 2014 Archives

What sort of activities constitute embezzlement?

At some point in your life, you may find yourself responsible for handling the assets of others. There are many jobs that entail having access to and control of someone else's money or property. This common situation can become very contentious should some of that money or property come up missing, or is at least thought to be missing. In this situation, accusations of embezzlement may be levied against the party who had a responsibility to safeguard the missing asset.

Is incarceration for drug charges truly effective?

Last week on this blog, we looked at the changing face of incarceration in the Louisiana penal system. Much of the focus in that post was in regard to the penalties now being handed down for drug charges. This week we will look at Sociopolitical Research regarding drug-crime related incarceration.

Sentencing in Louisiana lightened for some criminal charges

The state of Louisiana’s incarceration rate is among the highest in the nation. At present, there is debate regarding the degree and manner in which those convicted of certain criminal charges, such as drug offenses, should be sentenced.

Louisiana will ticket drunk drivers of watercraft

The Bayou State lives up to its name by virtue of the many rivers, streams and wetlands that snake their way through its territory. Having easy access to bodies of water for fishing and other forms of recreating is one of the biggest advantages of living in Louisiana. In addition, many Louisianans earn their living on the water.

Man's arrest lacks probable cause, drug charges dropped

Being arrested in Louisiana for any reason can be a very stressful experience. An arrest based on drug charges can be especially trying. A criminal conviction can bring with it a host of possible serious consequences, from steep fines to incarceration.

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