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Louisiana man sought on felony warrant

On Behalf of | May 16, 2014 | Criminal Defense |

Firearms and the sale thereof have been getting a lot of news headlines as of late. In recent related news, a Robert man is being sought by police for a number of outstanding warrants. Among the warrants are four counts of firearm possession that is a felony in nature. The other warrants are for theft and burglary.

Police believe the man may have been involved in the illegal selling of firearms. Just the allegations of felony crimes can follow a person for life, even if the person is never formally charged or convicted of any crime. Felony crime convictions come with harsh penalties, including a loss of certain rights. Being charged with a felony crime is a serious matter that should not be ignored, but dealt with as quickly as possible.

Even other charges, such as theft, can go up to a charge of grand larceny if the value of the item or items alleged to have been stolen is high enough. Grand larceny is not a misdemeanor charge like petty theft is. In Louisiana, a grand theft conviction can result in a one year prison term, or longer. Theft charges can stem from things such as accidentally leaving a store before paying while in possession of merchandise.

Whatever the allegation or charge, the accused have rights. Examples of such rights are to have legal counsel present at questioning and to be able to seek legal advice. Criminal defense attorneys understand the laws regarding such allegations, warrants and charges. A Louisiana attorney may be able to help ensure the rights of the accused are not violated and may be able to get charges reduced or dropped.

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