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Louisiana man faces drug charges; retaliation claims made

On Behalf of | May 7, 2014 | Criminal Defense, Drug Charges |

Television shows sometimes feature scenarios in which police arrest someone out of retaliation for something the suspect or someone close to the suspect did. The drama can unfold with police conducting unwarranted traffic stops or highly destructive search and seizure operations at a suspect’s home. In real life, sometimes real claims of retaliation by police are actually made. In real life, sometimes the circumstances surrounding an arrest bear further investigation because of the unusual circumstances of the case.

One such case involving claims of police retaliation is playing out in Baker. A mother is claiming her son was arrested as retaliation against her. Apparently, the police conducted a traffic stop on the 21-year-old, claiming he had not used his turn signal. Both the suspect and a passenger in the car claim he did use the turn signal.

In the course of the stop, marijuana was alleged to have been found in the car. Police later recovered stolen handguns and more marijuana from the mother’s home when they searched it. The mother of the suspect claims the arrest was triggered due to issues between her and the Baker police chief.

When a person is arrested or faces criminal charges, he has a Constitutional right to have legal representation. This legal representation can review the circumstances of the arrest and conduct an investigation into the situation. Legal options can be explored and rights can be explained to the accused. Every individual is innocent until proven guilty and a Louisiana criminal defense attorney can help ensure that the rights of the accused are protected.

Source: The Advocate, “Baker police arrest son of Civic Club president on drug, gun charges,” Ryan Broussard, May 1, 2014