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Month: May 2014

Drunk driver reporting program pays callers cash

It's a serious crime whose penalties can range from a suspended license to significant time in jail. Getting convicted of driving under the influence in Louisiana can impact your life for years to come, showing up on any background check and leaving you unable to get...

Former coach cleared on 41 counts of fraud

Let’s be honest. When a person, especially someone of a high rank, is accused of a white collar crime, the court of public opinion makes up their mind long before any real jury does. The media propagates the story ad nauseam and often the accused is convicted in...

Louisiana man sought on felony warrant

Firearms and the sale thereof have been getting a lot of news headlines as of late. In recent related news, a Robert man is being sought by police for a number of outstanding warrants. Among the warrants are four counts of firearm possession that is a felony in...