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Louisiana politicians face embezzlement and other charges

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2014 | Criminal Defense, Drug Charges |

There is a popular television show that makes white collar crimes look exciting. It also makes the pursuit of the people behind the crimes look adventurous. But, in real life, being accused of a white collar crime is anything but exciting, and there is nothing adventurous about being investigated due to the accusation.

In real life, real people can be investigated and charged with crimes. Just being accused or under suspicion can put employment at risk, which also puts income at risk. An investigation can damage your public persona and destroy your reputation, even if you are eventually cleared of all suspicion or charges. There is a domino effect that can follow being suspected of or charged with a crime such as embezzlement, and it can result in a lifetime of problems.

A Washington Post article recently highlighted some of Louisiana’s political elite who have faced criminal and other scandalous charges. Some of the accusations are minor, while others are quite serious. One charge that showed up in more than one case was embezzlement.

Even though being a politician or some other famous person can make you an easy target for accusations, ordinary people can also be accused, investigated and even charged with embezzlement. Sometimes the wrong party is accused. Sometimes what appears to be a crime is a simple misunderstanding or error of some sort. Sometimes good people make mistakes. These mistakes should not ruin lives, which is why it is important to work with an attorney if you are facing serious charges.

A criminal defense attorney can represent an individual charged with, or being investigated for, embezzlement throughout the process, providing a criminal defense if needed. Your attorney may even be able to minimize damage to your image if you are in the public’s eye.

Source: Washington Post, “Vance McAllister is part of a long line of scandalized Louisiana politicians. A VERY long line.” Jaime Fuller, April 9, 2014