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Prairieville man charged for alleged unlicensed insurance deal

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2014 | Criminal Defense, White Collar Crimes |

A conviction for a white-collar offense can have many consequences. Jail or prison time is what most people first consider when thinking about what can occur after a conviction. Many white-collar crimes may also involve fines and restitution, which can involve large sums of money. A person with a professional license may have licensing issues down the road.

Louisiana police officials opened an investigation into a man last year after the Department of Insurance gave law enforcement a tip that a man may have been offering insurance without a license. The Prairieville, Louisiana, man had previously entered a plea agreement in early 2011 to resolve Medicaid fraud charges. Authorities say he lost his insurance license after the 2011 Medicaid fraud charges were filed.

The man was facing 15 counts of fraud and other charges and pleaded guilty to a single Medicaid fraud charge and a filing false records offense. He was placed on probation for two years. However, due to the size of his restitution, the court extended the probation to allow more time to pay.

In the meantime, the man says that he has been working as a marketing director for a company owned by his wife, according to the Advocate. The business sells insurance products. Law enforcement claims that on two occasions, the man engaged in activities that require an insurance license.

The 41-year-old marketing director is accused of unlawfully trying to sell insurance without a license. He was processed at the East Baton Rouge Parish prison on February 28, before posting bond.

The government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt every element of a criminal offense. Many professional businesses have workers who are not licensed to perform duties. In general, duties may be misunderstood when looked at from the outside. A person suspected of a crime should seek the representation of a defense lawyer.

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