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Baton Rouge firefighter arrested on suspicion of DWI

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2014 | Criminal Defense, DWI/DUI |

Charges for allegedly operating a vehicle while intoxicated in Louisiana can be complex animals. A charge for drunk driving can include criminal consequences, including the potential for time behind bars and fines. A person’s privilege to drive is at stake. Other collateral consequences, from job security to increased insurance rates, can also follow a DWI arrest.

A Baton Rouge firefighter was arrested on suspicion of DWI on March 1. Authorities accuse the man, who serves leads the Baton Rouge Firefighters Association, of DWI-second offense. Louisiana State Police claim that the firefighter was pulled over in Prairieville. The traffic stop led to a DWI investigation and authorities claim that the man refused to submit to a DWI breath test. Police seized the firefighter’s driver’s license and processed him on the DWI charge. He was later released on $1,300 bond.

Ascension Parish officials arrested the man again on March 11, but the second arrest is related to a prior DWI case. Officials say that the firefighter missed a court hearing in a separate, earlier case. A warrant remained outstanding from that case. Tuesday, officials took the firefighter back into custody on the outstanding warrant.

The fire department recently refused to make a public comment on the fire captain’s plight, according to News 2. However, the news report indicates that firefighters need to have a valid driver’s license.

In Louisiana, a person arrested for DWI can expect a suspension of their privilege to drive. The law places a short timeline on a person’s ability to challenge the suspension. A person must file the proper paperwork within 15 days to challenge the license suspension, which is handled outside of the criminal case.

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