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March 2014 Archives

Three traffic stops on I-10 lead to felony drug charges

In general, a police officer needs to have a legal basis to pull over a car while driving down the road. A mere whim, or hunch, is not a generally acceptable basis to make a traffic stop. When law enforcement pulls a car over, they often use the opportunity to expand the scope of the stop to include a probe into other issues that may be going on.

Man in the Midwest accused of federal sex crime in Louisiana

Most people understand that the Internet crosses boundaries between states, and countries. Internet crimes may involve state charges in Louisiana, as well as charges under federal law. Any sex crime allegations may lead to significant consequences. When the feds become involved in a sex offense investigation, the case may go to federal court.

Baton Rouge firefighter arrested on suspicion of DWI

Charges for allegedly operating a vehicle while intoxicated in Louisiana can be complex animals. A charge for drunk driving can include criminal consequences, including the potential for time behind bars and fines. A person’s privilege to drive is at stake. Other collateral consequences, from job security to increased insurance rates, can also follow a DWI arrest.

Prairieville man charged for alleged unlicensed insurance deal

A conviction for a white-collar offense can have many consequences. Jail or prison time is what most people first consider when thinking about what can occur after a conviction. Many white-collar crimes may also involve fines and restitution, which can involve large sums of money. A person with a professional license may have licensing issues down the road.

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