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Kentwood High instructor arrested for alleged child pornography

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2014 | Criminal Defense |

A part-time music instructor at Kentwood High School has been arrested on suspicion of possession of child pornography. Authorities in Tangipahoa Parish raided the 64-year-old man’s home. During the raid, detectives claim that images of children were found. Law enforcement believes that the images and videos discovered in the search constitute child pornography. The man was arrested on Friday; he was from his job at the high school fired on Monday.

Detectives seized a number of electronic devices during a raid of the man’s home. A recent account in The Advocate in Baton Rouge indicates that at this point in the investigation, the man is suspected of one count of unlawful possession of pornography involving a juvenile.

The newspaper article does not describe what led to the raid, or what else may have been involved in the investigation prior to Tangipahoa Parish detectives conducting the search.

Law enforcement agencies and prosecutors pursue computer-based and Internet crimes with vigor in any area of the country. The prevalence of material that may be linked to electronic devices has many enforcement agencies browsing the web looking for potential leads.

But, when an investigation leads to criminal allegations, the need to defend against the charges may be important to an individual. Internet sex crimes, or computer-based child pornography charges, can lead to harsh consequences in a criminal case.

While the Internet seems to be nearly ubiquitous, constitutional principles are not necessarily halted when law enforcement begins to suspect an individual. Notably, investigations and the evidence associated with computer crimes may involve highly technical analysis.

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