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February 2014 Archives

Darren Sharper charged with aggravated rape in Lousiana

A former player for the New Orleans Saints has been charged with aggravated rape in Louisiana. Our Baton Rouge readers may have heard that Darren Sharper was charged with similar offenses in Los Angeles in January. Initially, the court there set bail at $200,000. But Sharper appeared in court on the charges more recently and bail was raised to $1 million. Among the conditions of pre-trial release imposed in the California charges, the judge ordered that Sharper remain in the county.

Kentwood High instructor arrested for alleged child pornography

A part-time music instructor at Kentwood High School has been arrested on suspicion of possession of child pornography. Authorities in Tangipahoa Parish raided the 64-year-old man’s home. During the raid, detectives claim that images of children were found. Law enforcement believes that the images and videos discovered in the search constitute child pornography. The man was arrested on Friday; he was from his job at the high school fired on Monday.

Procedures used in Baton Rouge DWI checkpoints under scrutiny

More than two decades ago the United States Supreme Court ruled that states have a substantial interest in controlling drunk driving. The court was faced with a challenge to DWI checkpoints that argued the suspicion-less stops violated constitutional protections. The high court says that sobriety checkpoints are not per se unconstitutional, but the court suggested that to pass constitutional muster the operations should be conducted with some safeguards in place to protect constitutional principles. Not all states allow law enforcement to use these operations.

Baton Rouge man arrested for murder in drug overdose case

Recent news reports concerning the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman have covered many topics, ranging from the loss of an acclaimed actor to indications of a possible overdose. Closer to home, a heroin overdose case is making news in Baton Rouge as law enforcement has arrested a 30-year-old man on suspicion of second-degree murder charges.

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