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January 2014 Archives

Baton Rouge police accuse 25-year-old of DWI-fourth violation

Law enforcement says that a 25-year-old man stopped his car around 1:00 in the morning in Tigerland on Tuesday. Officials say that it appears the man wanted to talk to some girls. But, the manner in which he stopped caused a number of cars to become backed up.

Does law enforcement need a warrant to rifle through a cellphone?

People in Baton Rouge may use cellphones or smartphones to keep on schedule, to communicate over the Internet and countless other functions that we seem to take for granted in today’s technological world. The advances in technology in recent years may seem staggering to some, while to others, instant access to many places through a cellphone may seem rather commonplace. For many people, a cellphone may act similar to an organizer, or to a desk used at home.

Ascension Parish teacher leaves school, gets charged with DWI

Gonzales Police say that a woman left the scene of an accident at the intersection of Louisiana 30 and Louisiana 44 on Monday morning. Authorities say that the other driver involved in that accident followed the woman to a nearby park. The other driver had called police-- law enforcement responded to the park.

Undercover sting leads to sex charges against Louisiana man

State and federal authorities seem to be getting more aggressive every year in pursuing Internet-based criminal investigations. Computer-based crimes have been around for about a generation. Authorities may seek to seize electronic equipment to conduct forensic analysis of computers for evidence in areas such as child pornography offenses. But, undercover operations may use a variety of different tactics.

Three arrested in Ascension Parish on meth lab charges

Deputies in Ascension Parish claim that some kind of tip led them to believe that a 28-year-old man was manufacturing methamphetamine at a location in Gonzalez. Law enforcement apparently obtained a search warrant for the location. Three people were taken into custody on suspicion of a string of drug crimes related to the investigation.

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