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August 2013 Archives

Teen pizza driver accused of EBR hit-run, negligent homicide

Authorities say that a teenager thought he hit a mailbox while out delivering pizzas earlier this month. Police say that the young man was checking his GPS when the accident occurred around 8:20 in the evening. Authorities say that the teen continued on his way, fearing that his job would be in jeopardy if he took the time while on the clock to notify the owner that he had struck the mailbox. Police say that the teen had planned on returning later to speak with the mailbox owner.

Lafayette couple arrested in Gonzales on suspicion of drug crimes

Law enforcement agencies may often use undercover operatives in a criminal investigation. These kinds of probes can raise complex questions. People may find themselves stuck in the middle of a law enforcement operation. Some may simply be in the wrong place at the wrong time. In other cases, a slip of judgment may expose a person to the potentially harsh consequences of a criminal charge.

Judge finds LaPlace woman unfit for trial in fatal DWI case

Many people seek the assistance of legal counsel each year in Louisiana to defend against drunk driving charges. The court of public opinion often cannot fully distinguish allegations of law enforcement in a driving while intoxicated guilt. The criminal justice system, however, requires that a person be presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in the criminal proceeding.

I-10 traffic stop lands man in jail on suspicion of drug charges

Earlier this year Governor Bobby Jindal signed a law aimed at expanding the state’s laws controlling so-called synthetic drugs. The law became effective on August 1, and extends to a wider variety of compounds that authorities say are synthetic forms of pot and other substances often referred to as bath salts.

East Baton Rouge sex crime sting draws apology from sheriff

Law enforcement agencies may often use informant and undercover operators in an effort to gather evidence in a criminal investigation. Undercover sting operations are used in a wide variety of contexts, and at just about any level of law enforcement. Police may send an undercover operative to create a drug transaction with an alleged suspect.

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