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Lengthy probe in Louisiana leads to cocaine trafficking arrests

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2013 | Criminal Defense, Drug Charges |

News reports often carry stories about an investigation into alleged drug crimes. Stories may involve scattered details about the probe and name a task force or law enforcement agency involved in the investigation. From time to time, a drug crime investigation may involve authorities from both the state and federal levels. Such investigations may involve numerous arrests, and those arrested could be charged at different levels.

A recent joint operation by state and federal officials reportedly has resulted in the arrests of seven people in Assumption and Lafourche Parishes. Few details about what authorities believe support their theory that the group was involved in drug trafficking have been reported in the media.

The Advocate reports that the arrests were made Thursday after local narcotics agents from Assumption, Lafourche and Terrebonne parishes joined forces with State Police and investigators from the Drug Enforcement Administration in an eight month probe into alleged cocaine trafficking.

The Assumption Parish Sheriff says that authorities seized a home in Labadieville, two cars, drugs and cash related to the investigation. Four Louisiana residents were booked Thursday on suspicion of cocaine distribution and racketeering charges. Three more people were booked on allegations of racketeering and conspiracy to distribute charges. Two other people reportedly are implicated in the probe, but have not been taken into custody.

Any drug charge can be a serious matter in Louisiana. But when federal officials are involved, a person may face federal drug charges. Generally, federal authorities may step in when allegations suggest that drug-related activity or trafficking has crossed state lines. Such investigations often last over a period of months, and involve more than drug possession allegations.

Source: The Advocate, “7 arrested in Assumption-Lafourche drug crackdown,” June 13, 2013