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Ascension Parish couple arrested in motel on drug charges

When a person in Louisiana is placed on probation or released early on parole, a variety of terms and conditions may be applied in different cases. A probation or parole violation can lead to legal issues and potential exposure to time behind bars. But, the allegations from time to time may involve, or even lead to, new criminal charges.

State agents claim that a man on parole was found in an Ascension Parish motel with drugs. The State Probation and Parole agents visited the motel room to take the man into custody on some apparently unrelated parole violation.

Upon arrival, they say that they called in narcotics detectives from the sheriff's office to aid in a new criminal investigation. The man was not alone in the room, his wife was also present, and she too is facing drug charges related to the incident.

Authorities say that the husband and wife were sharing the room where law enforcement discovered methamphetamine, Xanax pills and other items, including precursors to meth. Deputies believe that the couple was operating some kind of clandestine methamphetamine lab. The two were arrested and booked on suspicion of a slate of drug crimes.

The husband faces charges for alleged possession of meth, prescription drugs, operating or creating a meth lab, possession of drug paraphernalia and a probation violation. His wife is charged with unlawful possession of Xanax, meth, drug paraphernalia and allegations related to an alleged meth lab.

Drug charges alone can bring significant consequences under Louisiana law. However, when a new drug charge is coupled with parole or probation issues, the legal problems can become all that more complex as more than one case may be implicated. Like any criminal matter, a person accused of a violation should seek the assistance of legal counsel to help protect rights.

Source: The Advocate, "Ascension Parish couple booked on methamphetamine lab counts," June 7, 2013

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